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Blog detailing how the use of food and lifestyle changes can help bring you health. Our family follows a Paleo style diet and recently Michele, a mom of 2 young boys, has been on an autoimmune paleo diet to help heal from Hashimoto's, Celiac disease, and adrenal fatigue.  Join her as she describes methods for change and recipes to help you in your own journey for health.  



Announcing Tammy Credicott of The Healthy GF Life as our September Featured Blogger!

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I'm so excited about our September blogger since I think without her, this blog and our app wouldn't be in existence and I'd be off eating Twinkies and downing them with Coke. Ok, it wouldn't be that bad, but back over a year ago, after we had done the GAPS diet for over a year I was in need of some serious motivation to keep going grain-free and not get back to my beloved Martha Stewart-emulating (aka baking).  And as much as I love and adore the recipes I was making of Cara Comini and Sarah Smith's, I needed more.  As evidenced by the ridiculously large stack of Paleo cookbooks I now own (that seems to grow daily), I love variety. So one day I started flipping through Paleo Magazine and came across a review for this book called Paleo Indulgences by someone named Tammy Credicott.  I had never heard of her before so knew nothing of her work, but they had me at the word "Indulgences".  I immediately flipped over (I was on my iPad) to Amazon and bought a Kindle version of the book and fell in love.  To me, this was the answer to what I felt like I was lacking - a book full of desserts and other fun treats that I could make and still feel like I was exercising my creative wannabe-pastry chef side.  That alone made me feel like I wasn't being deprived by being on a grain-free diet and I had renewed vigor to continue on. Ironically enough, just KNOWING that I have the ability to make fun "legal" desserts was enough to get serious about being Paleo and helped me eat so much better all around.  It's not like I went on some dessert bender and ate nothing but cupcakes for a month.  It was more like I ate so much better the rest of the time just having the knowledge that I could make these things if I wanted to.  I felt it to be quite freeing to have that in my back pocket!  



Hence that is why having Tammy Credicott of The Healthy GF Life as the featured blogger in our app for September is so meaningful to me and makes me so happy!   

In addition to Paleo Indulgences and her first book, The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, Tammy is coming out with a new book on September 3rd which I am SO looking forward to called Make Ahead Paleo.  This will be a book, otherwise known as a lifesaver, for working/on-the-go parents, travelers, and other busy folks that will feature over 100 recipes that can be made ahead of time and be ready when you are. Think Paleo freezer cooking - make dinners when you have time, freeze, and pull out and cook when you are ready to eat it.  Or cook a one pot meal.  Things that are certainly music to my ears!  

If you have not checked out her blog or books I encourage you to do so (especially this month as she is doing some killer giveaways each week leading up to the book release)

Ways to find Tammy:

Blog: The Healthy GF Life

Or click the corresponding icon below:

Look for 5 of her recipes to be included in the app in September! As always, the update with these new recipes will be free to anyone who has the app already.  Each recipe will be suitable for those on Paleo, Primal, GAPS, SCD, and gluten-free diets.