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Blog detailing how the use of food and lifestyle changes can help bring you health. Our family follows a Paleo style diet and recently Michele, a mom of 2 young boys, has been on an autoimmune paleo diet to help heal from Hashimoto's, Celiac disease, and adrenal fatigue.  Join her as she describes methods for change and recipes to help you in your own journey for health.  



Review: Chomps Snack Sticks

Nourished App

I think a lot of you know my story - that I'm a full-time working mom of 2 young kiddos (almost 4 yrs and 13 months) and that I do this blog/app coding on the side.  I often get the "how do you do it?" question, especially the "how do you COOK everything along with everything else you do?"  Well, I'm here to tell you it isn't always easy.  And especially this last week or so we've really been feeling it since our kids started twice a week swim lessons after work on top of everything else.  Planning meals ahead has become the necessity, and I've been almost exclusively cooking meals from Tammy Credicott's upcoming book, Make Ahead Paleo.  I will be writing an entire blog post to that later, hopefully early next week, but it has been a complete lifesaver for us at just the right time.  

However, my kids, my husband and I get hungry in between meals too and want snacks.  I know this whole Paleo diet is supposed to get you to the point where you don't want snacks, and while I don't snack nearly as much as I used to, I still have times when I get hungry between meals.  But instead of reaching for junk like I used to pre-grain-free diet, I like to find a quality source of nutrition.  I also want it to be easy to eat(not messy), preferably not easily perishable (aka, the the opposite of "if it's there and about to spoil I'll eat it even if I'm not hungry" syndrome I often get), not sugary, and portable so I can keep it in my purse, car, diaper bag, or desk.  I also don't want to have to make snacks on top of everything else I have to make since my time is really limited right now.

Recently I had the opportunity to try these amazing snack sticks that fit ALL of the above criteria and even more importantly were delicious to boot!  They are called Chomps Snack Sticks and they come in two flavors: Original and Hoppin' Jalapeno. They kind of look like Slim Jim bars, but that's where the resemblance ends. They are made from 100% Grass-fed beef, are free of any synthetic nitrates, nitrites, or MSG, are gluten-free, Whole30 approved, and are shelf stable for an entire year!  The ingredients are: (Grass-Fed) Beef, Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Celery Juice, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder, Coriander, Stuffed in a Collagen Casing (Jalapeno version also includes Jalapeno Peppers).  Translation:  I feel totally good about buying these, eating them, and feeding them to my family.  

Let's move onto taste.  I am a semi-fan of jerky, like I will eat it and sometimes it really hits the spot but it's not usually my first choice in flavors I like in a snack.  These sticks don't taste very jerky-like, they are a more benign meaty flavor which is more pleasing to me for regular consumption.  What stood out to me though were the spices.  Not overpowering, just enough to awaken your taste buds and senses and make you really appreciate and enjoy eating them.  The Original flavor was a hit with both my older son and I for sure and would work for pretty much anyone. The Jalapeno flavor was a bit too intense for my son and I suspect anyone who doesn't like spicy hot things would find these to be a bit too much.   I personally LOVED the jalapeno flavor, but I love spicy foods and it really was a treat for me.  It gave a really nice tingle but not so much that I was searching for a glass of water or anything.

Bottom line, I really liked these and will be buying more for my family to eat.  If you would like to try them as well, they are offering a 5% discount for my readers - enter code "NOURISHED5" at checkout.  You can find the sticks at 

Disclosure: I was given several Chomps Snack Sticks to try for free.  I was not paid to review these and these words are my own.  When I like something I like to shout it from the rooftops.  However, my neighbors are sick of me shouting (and I'm afraid of heights) so instead I use this blog :-)