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Broomfield, CO

Blog detailing how the use of food and lifestyle changes can help bring you health. Our family follows a Paleo style diet and recently Michele, a mom of 2 young boys, has been on an autoimmune paleo diet to help heal from Hashimoto's, Celiac disease, and adrenal fatigue.  Join her as she describes methods for change and recipes to help you in your own journey for health.  


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Nourished Grain-Free Recipes is a product of Farmhouse Apps, LLC out of Broomfield, Colorado, USA. We are Michele and Erik Spring,  the parents of 2 young boys, and we all follow the Paleo diet for various health reasons. We want our boys to grow up in a world where farm-fresh, grain-free, sugar-free food is cool so that they want to continue this on their own and don't feel left out when among friends.  We are big believers in knowing your farmers, growing your own food, and getting nutrition from everything you put in your mouth.

The blog and all social media is updated by Michele (just in case anyone is trying to figure out who they are talking to!)


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Image courtesy of Mark Leffingwell/Daily Camera

Image courtesy of Mark Leffingwell/Daily Camera