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Blog detailing how the use of food and lifestyle changes can help bring you health. Our family follows a Paleo style diet and recently Michele, a mom of 2 young boys, has been on an autoimmune paleo diet to help heal from Hashimoto's, Celiac disease, and adrenal fatigue.  Join her as she describes methods for change and recipes to help you in your own journey for health.  




In the app we have a Resources page where we mention who are favorite vendors are for various grain-free items.  However, we have had so many requests for an Android version of our app that we figured we can at least provide this page so everyone can benefit.  These, as of this moment, are vendors that we have bought items from several times or used their services and have been extremely pleased.  In the future we may also add vendors from other countries that have received high praise as well as additional vendors we find amazing so check back again to see who has made our list.


Prepared Food



Mmmmm pasta….  If you are like us, pasta was one of those things that was super hard to give up when going grain-free.  Thanks to Cappello's, we don't have to suffer!  Their gluten-free, grain-free pasta is made from almond flour, eggs, tapioca flour, potato starch/flakes, xanthan gum, and sea salt.  This pasta cooks within seconds (hello quick dinner!) and has such a wonderful nutty taste that we almost prefer it to its gluten-filled cousin.  It certainly tastes better than the dried stuff out of a box!  It is available in gnocchi, fettucine, and lasagna sheets.  Due to some of the ingredients it is not a legal item for some of the grain-free diets, but no matter what diet you are on, consider this before jumping entirely off the cliff to regular pasta.  We don't think you'll be sorry.


Caveman Cookies

Don't let the name fool you, these cookies are for anyone on a gluten- or grain-free diet!  Made with just nuts, honey, berries, and spices, they are perfect for those of us that want to satisfy a sweet tooth but don't have time to b ake.  We use them as treats for our son when we are out and about as they are individually wrapped packages of goodness.  They are also great for keeping in your desk at work as a good treat when your coworkers eat birthday cake right in front of you.


Eating Evolved

If you need some chocolate, because sometimes we do (ok, a lot of the time we do), this is a great way to go.  We love to keep some stocked for those times when it seems everyone around us is downing chocolate - Halloween, the holidays, Valentine's Day, etc.  This way we can still partake without the downhill slide that seems to come with consuming high sugar chocolates.  However, these are actually WAY more delicious than anything we hav e had before anyway, so it doesn't even feel like we are depriving ourselves at all.  Which also makes them suitable for those not on a special diet as well.  So no need to buy the "other stuff" for their tastes either.  Read the company story on their website too.  It's pretty inspiring to see a small business such as theirs doing what they love and doing it well.




Paleo Treats

Sometimes we want to treat ourselves with a dessert that we don't have to make.  Sometimes we also would like to serve desserts to guests that everyone will love.  Sometimes we need desserts to bring to birthday parties so our son doesn't feel left out.  In all of these situations we turn to Paleo Treats.  Delicious and beautiful, they are perfect for anyone on a gluten- or grain-free diet.  They are also made with no preservatives, stabilizers, or synthetics.   Just real food.  Yet another great story behind the company too, so be sure to read that on their website.  Click through here and get 5% off!


Steve's PaleoGoods

If you just talk about the food from Steve's PaleoGoods, then you'd be talking about grass-fed beef jerky, grain-free cereal, or grain-free "granola" bars that are amazing (with no refined sugar or soy either!).  But to top it all off, 15% of the proceeds from your purchase of Steve's PaleoGoods products go to the Steve's Club National Program, which helps bring CrossFit , nutrition, and personal development to at-risk youth across the country.  So not only do you fuel your own body in a healthy way, you help instill great nutrition to others.  The products are another source of on-the-go snacks.  Keep them in a diaper bag, gym bag, or at your desk at work for when hunger strikes.  And the Paleokrunch cereal is a fantastic replacement for grain-filled breakfast cereals or granola.




US Wellness Meats

While we recommend and try ourselves to source our meat locally, sometimes our local farmers just don't have what we need.  W hen that happens we turn to US Wellness Meats.  We have ordered from them for a few years and have never been dissapointed.  The grass-fed, grass-finished meat gets shipped straight to your door in a cooler.  They have both pre-frozen and fresh cuts to choose from (fresh only ships at certain intervals).  They are the only place we have found sugar-free hot dogs and pork bacon, and both are delicious.   We think their hot dogs taste better than any other brand and they are grass-fed!  What's not to love?  We find it important to only patronize businesses that believe in the same principles that we do, and US Wellness definitely does that with their humane treatment of animals, life in open fields, and no antibiotics or hormones.


Coconut Products


Tropical Traditions

We get asked a lot where we get our coconut flour and coconut oil, and the answer is always Tropical Traditions.  We love the consistency of their coconut flour as it is a nice fine grind and clumps easily break apart.  And we go through so much coconut oil that it is great that we can buy 5 gallon pail of traditionally-produced coconut oil from them.  We just keep it in our basement and scoop out a quart or two at a time that we keep in our kitchen.  Because coconut oil typically takes a long time to go rancid it is perfect for this sort of thing.  This is also where we get our palm shortening and shredded coconut from.  They have a whole list of products, inclu ding meat, eggs, household goods, and pet products.  We also feel great buying from them as they are very careful in making sure all their products go beyond the organic labeling requirements and that the product is not mass produced.  Sign up for their emails to be kept aware of sales, as they have them quite often on different items, and they have a free shipping day typically once a month.  Note that if you get one of their pails, get the handy Lid-Off Pail Opener as it will save you a lot of time and aggravation!


Nikki's Coconut Butter

This was actually kind of a last minute addition to this page.  We had seen a discount code on George Bryant's blog and thought it sounded good, so we ordered a sampler pack.  When it came let's just say, wow, we were impressed!  So much so that we immediately asked Nikki if we could include them on this page.  These are coconut butters that have been mixed with ingredients to make them have unique and tantalizing flavors.  Each flavor is made with all natural, whole ingredients like honey and vanilla extract instead of weird chemicals and preservatives and they are just the most delicious things!  Use them in a dessert, as a snack, in your coffee as a flavoring, or, as we do, just eat them straight out of the jar.   George came up with a great apple dessert on his website that you should also check out.   Flavors include Vanilla Cake Batter, Honey Pecan Pie, Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie, Macadamia Nut Cookie, and Midnight Mocha.  We can't tell you our favorite because we haven't decided yet - so far we love them all!  The ingredients are so pure that they are suitable for anyone on the major gluten- and grain-free diets.

Almond Flour 

Honeyville Grain

Seems a bit weird to be including a grain company in a grain-free app, eh?  But Honeyville actually produces the best almond flour that we have found.  The blanched almond flour is ground to such a fine ground that it closely resembles wheat flour.  We have tried timeless times to do this and can never seem to get it to the same point without accidentally going to the nut butter stage.  So instead of getting frustrated, we just get Honeyville's almond flour.  It has led to such great, consistent results that we don't think we'll ever try any other way.  We also buy Honeyville's freeze-dried fruits.  You'll see freeze-dried fruits in quite a few of the recipes in this app and Honeyville has a wide variety of fruits (and vegetables) to choose from.  Use them plain as snacks, incorporate them in trail mixes, or powder them and use them as flavorings and natural coloring for icings and beyond. 




Paleo Magazine

It's always nice when you can pick up a magazine and read about things that are of interest to you.  However, if food is of interest to you, it's hard to pick up a food magazine in the grocery store that doesn't have sugar and grain-ridden recipes that tempt you.  Luckily there is one that is safe to read and if the recipes tempt you, that is a good thing.   Paleo Magazine is a great source of information, recipes, pictures, inspiration, and support.  It is a very well thought out, beautiful publication that is as nice as any mainstream publication but tailored just for those of us that choose to live a healthy life.  Past articles have included interviews with leaders of the grain-free community, weight loss stories, fitness tips, scientific findings, recipes, and reviews of products (not just food).  It just feels good to us to be able to open a magazine that is pleasant to look at and not have to cringe when we see something we don't agree with or know we shouldn't have and rather get inspired instead.  The magazine is available by print subscription or in electronic format.  Click on this to see the website. 



Eat Like a Dinosaur

If you have kids and are on a gluten- or grain-free diet, you need this book.  Even if you don't have kids though, we recommend it as it has so many recipes that are great for kids and adults alike.  Written by Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry, otherwise known as the bloggers behind Paleo Parents, it has over 100 delicious recipes that are sure to please even the picky eaters in your family.  It also has some great tips on how to include your child in the cooking process, something that we find has helped our son really get on board with eating the way we do and understanding how items are taken from our garden and get turned into what we eat.  We like that there are quite a few recipes that are healthy, grain-free versions of the normal stuff kids eat these days, like chicken nuggets.  There is even a cute illustrated children's story on why it is fun to eat like dinosaurs.  Stacy and Matt also have a new book coming out that we are quite excited to get our hands on, Beyond Bacon (out July 2013) which will have recipes featuring cuts from an entire hog.  

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Practical Paleo

This is one of our favorite books.  Part nutrition guide, part meal plan guide, and part cookbook, it has all the information to convince someone to start a diet like the Paleo diet or to further your understanding if you are already on a diet like it.  Colorful charts outline data that can otherwise be boring or hard to understand, and there is even a chart that (in cartoon form) shows various types of poo and what each means.  It might sound a bit strange, but your poo can tell a lot about your health, so it's an invaluable chart.  We really love how the author, Diane Sanfilippo, lays out the information, as there is just so much to understand and this book makes it so easy.  We recommend this to any friends that we hear contemplate going grain-free since it is so easy to understand.  Furthermore, the recipes themselves are amazing, with our favorites being the Thanksgiving Meatballs and Acorn Squash with Cinnamon & Coconut Butter. 

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Apps (iOS only) 

Nom Nom Paleo

We assume that if you have bought our app you are interested in grain-free recipes.  If you don't already have the Nom Nom Paleo app, then we very politely suggest you click on over  and get it.  This app is not just for those on the Paleo diet.  There are recipes for everyone.  And man, are the recipes yummy!  Michelle Tam, the blogger behind Nom Nom Paleo knows her stuff and has come up with a beautiful app that not only has 128 recipes, but also a 30 day meal plan (Whole 30 friendly) and tons of info on nutrition, cooking skills, and kitchen supplies.  We think this app is an indispensable resource in your grain-free culinary arsenal.

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This is a relative newcomer on the app scene but so far we like what we see.  Developed by Abby Berger, a woman following a grain- and gluten-free diet, there are recipes for everyone. You can actually search for recipes by the specific major grain-free diets as well. The app has a really cool and userful feature that lets you customize a particular recipe to your dietary needs.  There are also options to narrow down by allergen and whether you want a recipe to be vegetarian, vegan, or low-carb.  Our favorite part is the nifty Stage It™ button, which shows you how to make your dish look spectacular.  We are always searching for ways to make our alternative food choices appeal to our mainstream friends and this app definitely gives some wonderful ideas on how to do that .

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Nourished Kitchen How To Ferment Anything

We don't think we'd be where we are with our culinary skills nor bravery had it not been for Jenny McGruther.  Along with taki ng some classes at my local culinary school a few summers ago, we took Jenny's "How to Cook Real Food" and "How to Ferment Anything" e-courses and our skills in the kitchen were taken to a whole other level.  Prior to the classes we had been scared to try new things, but once we did we were trying out new recipes, flavors, and concoctions left and right.  She is wonderful at explaining how to do something and encouraging you to try things on your own.  Her website, Nourished Kitchen, is a gorgeous gallery of food photography that we think every cook should have bookmarked.  Her classes, especially the "How to Ferment Anything", are amazing tools to learn real food techniques.  This class teaches you everything from how to make fermented french fries (who knew you could ferment french fries?) to sauerkraut to making delicious probiotic "sodas"  with water kefir.  While especially important when on certain grain-free diets, probiotics are something that everyone should incorporate into their everyday lives.  Sometimes they can get expensive when bought in pill form, but Jenny's class teaches you how to pretty much take anything and get a ton of benefit from it.  We highly recommend this course, and think it is definitely one of the best out there (and we have taken a LOT of e-courses).  Also note that Jenny now has a grain-free recipe e-book out with over 90 recipes for grain-free sweets and treats.  

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Lifestyle Networks

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Hashtag Paleo

Hashtag Paleo is a new online community that has some really great things in store.  It started out as an Instagram phenomenon that recognized people for pictures of Paleo food that were of note. It now has launched a website which brings together all aspects of the Paleo community into one hub.  It operates along the same lines as this app - recognize members of the online community that are inspirational and bring their work together into one place.  But whereas we bring recipes from various bloggers into our app for you to use, they bring knowledge, articles, and pictures as well as recipes together from various sources so you can filter out the noise.  Let’s face it, there are so many people out there blogging and writing about the Paleo lifestyle these days and if you can keep up with it all you probably don’t get too much done at work!  But a place that can bring all of these elements together for you and highlight the best is an amazing thing. It helps simplify your life so you can spend more time doing other things you love.  

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Disclosure: If you purchase anything from Tropical Traditions using the link above and are a new customer, you will receive a free Coconut Oil book and we will receive a gift certificate.  We are also affiliates of US Wellness Meats, Eating Evolved, Nikki's Coconut Butter and Paleo Treats.  Please don't let this deter you from buying from these companies - we mean everything we said about them and have only included companies and products that we truly believe in.